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Episode 31: Elm Benchmark Apr 20, 2017

Nothing settles a debate like cold, hard facts. If you wrote a function that you think is the fastest algorithm possible, the only way to know for sure is to test it. Elm-Benchmark looks similar to Elm-Test, but instead of checking for correctness, it checks for speed.



module Main exposing (..)

import Benchmark exposing (Benchmark, describe)
import Benchmark.Runner exposing (BenchmarkProgram, program)
import Model exposing (..)

suite : Benchmark
suite =
    describe "Shuffle"
        [ "shufflers"
          (Benchmark.benchmark1 "array" shuffledDeck 0)
          (Benchmark.benchmark1 "naive" naiveShuffledDeck 0)

main : BenchmarkProgram
main =
    program suite